Bee Different

Christians ought to perseveringly study their religion; they ought to read the Gospel more frequently, to study the Divine Service, to fulfill the commandments and the rules of the Church; to read the writings of the Holy Fathers, religious publications, in order to become imbued with the spirit of Christianity, and to live in a Christian manner” (St John of Kronstadt, My Life in Christ, p. 340).

It often happens that parents and grandparents—even Godparents—struggle with what to get their young adults for a birthday, namesday, or Christmas. Too old for toys, the unhappy choice seems limited either to expensive electronics or clothing—and who knows what they really want?

May I suggest you give them something different? Give your children or grandchildren an Orthodox Library.

I don’t mean all at once, but on every occasion you can give them a little something for their collection. Perhaps, one volume of the Lives of the Saints until they have the complete set, or maybe something encouraging to deepen their faith—there is so much to choose from! And even if they do not read it right away, their bookshelf will become for them a spiritual meadow. When the time is right, they will become like little bees buzzing from flower to flower, eager for the sweet nectar of our most holy Faith.

In an upcoming blog, we will offer a few suggestions.